Shortly after completing the last session of Mother of God’s Parish On the Same Page book club when we read James Martin, S.J.’s My Life With the Saints, I spotted an ad for Fr. Martin’s new book Jesus: A Pilgrimage.I asked myself (as did theologian Harvey Cox), “Do we need another book about Jesus?” Cox answered with a definitive “Yes!” He wrote that “… no matter how much or how little we think one already knows about Jesus, this book is invaluable.” 

The value I find in Jesus: A Pilgrimage is getting to experience Jesus as a fully human and fully divine Jesus.Sandra M. Schneiders, IHM, believes this pilgrimage with Fr. Martin “will stir the reader to explore her/his own relationship with Jesus.” This was an amazing feeling for me: beginning to have a deeper relationship with Jesus. It began after reading the first chapters about the Holy Land. I wanted to be there with Fr. Martin. 

So now, a kind of meditating called “imaging” — placing oneself side by side with Jesus during his public ministry — becomes a rewarding practice for me.  

Ed Knochelmann, elementary school teacher and administrator for 42 years in Covington and Ontario, Canada, found practically every travel  destination he shared with his wife Lois a pilgrimage, as they came upon classic religious artworks — as well as unexpected ones, such as  the august beauty of the Salt Cathedral, dug into a Bogota, Colombia, mountainside.