Tanya Stager

Last year during Lent, I was reading Jesus a Pilgrimage to determine if we should use this book for our Parish on the Same Page. In reading the section on Jerusalem as we were preparing for Holy Week, I was captivated by the washing of the feet and the call “to activity.” I knew I had to wash feet on Holy Thursday. I felt the need to take the basin and go to people and wash their feet instead of them coming to me. First, a young boy came to my basin to have his feet washed; then six more children were in line. I did not get to do as I envisioned, but I understood the message.   

I became more actively involved in social justice issues through immigration demonstrations, rallies and interfaith prayer services. My husband, Tom, and I recently drove a young immigrant to Immigration Court in Cleveland. In a small way, I recognized the call of Jesus to his followers, “Go be persons of action.”