August 13, 2017
Comer_Michael_7955-180As I mentioned last week, I am holding some listening sessions, in order to get to know more of you and to learn what are your concerns and hopes and dreams for Mother of God Church.

Mother of God Church has been involved in serving the poor and the needy in Covington for quite some time. Such organizations as Welcome House, Parish Kitchen, the Cold Shelter, and many others have seen the parishioners of Mother of God step up and give generously of themselves. This is an important tradition that we want to continue.

On Monday, August 21, at 6:30 pm, I would like to have a gathering of all who are involved in any type of service ministry or program or justice and peace work.  This would include those groups mentioned above, as well as Pro-Life activities, Saint Vincent de Paul, and any others, some of which I may not even be aware of.  That is why I want to meet.

Please help me, as I am beginning my time as your pastor, to understand where and how you want me to lead you.

Fr. Mike Comer