November 13, 2017
Comer_Michael_7955-180Last Sunday we saw the latest in a seemingly unending series of slaughters of innocent people. In just the past month we have seen 54 people killed and 564 people injured in the shooting in Las Vegas. A week and a half ago 8 people in New York were run down and killed by a man claiming alliance with ISIS. And now, 26 people have been murdered in a Baptist Church in Texas. With no reason to believe there is any end in sight, we have to wonder where the next attacks will take place.

It seems that some demonic force of violence has been unleashed on our world, and within our nation.  I have no simple solutions. Actually, I believe that the solutions are anything but simple. Obviously, there is a need for a massive return to God, but even that is not simple. Many people believe in and worship a god of violence, and much of the killing we see in the US and around the world is being done in the name of God. IT DOES MATTER WHAT GOD YOU SERVE!!!!! All gods are not the same. There is a need for a conversion to a God of peace, of forgiveness and reconciliation.

The family is the basic unit of society. Healthy societies come from healthy families. Healthy individuals come from healthy families. Unhealthy individuals come from unhealthy families. As the family goes, so goes society. As the family goes, so goes the individual. Can an unhealthy, violent person come from a healthy family? Absolutely!!! For the family is not the only influence on the individual. But they are usually the most important factor in the shaping of the individual.  Restoration and healing of the family is an essential piece of the solution to this problem.

The culture of violence can also be attributed to greed, to the drug problem, to a coarsening of political debate, and the fracturing of those things that are supposed to unite us. As Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas recently noted, what do we as a nation have in common today? What binds us together?

The solutions will require a radical rethinking of our attitudes, our beliefs, and our values. And it will require a new explosion of God’s grace. Let us pray for that new Pentecost that will enable us to build a new and better world.

Fr. Mike Comer