Comer_Michael_7955-180Last week we began introducing a new online program that Mother of God has subscribed to. It is called FORMED and includes a great deal of material for you to use to grow in your understanding of your faith and in your relationship with God and with Jesus Christ.

In order to access the website you will need to set up your own page by:

  1. On your computer, tablet or phone, go to
  3. Click register, and enter your name, email,
  4. zip code, and your preferred password.
  5. You are ready to access the many resources offered by FORMED.

The main content page has four major sections—Study, Watch, Listen and Read. Go to STUDY. A scroll will come down offering a number of different options. The first is Faith Formation. Click on that, and a number of different study programs will be offered. You are still trying to get to know the site, so do not worry about picking one program. Just click on one or more that kind of interest you and explore.

You can go back to WATCH, and do the same thing. There you will find movies and documentaries. Again, just take time to explore. If you find something you want to watch do so. Continue with LISTEN and READ.

If you want to get started, I will make some recommendations but that is all they are. If you want to do something else, do it. Under STUDY, there is a two-part presentation entitled, Presence: The Mystery of the Eucharist. Check it out. Also, the program entitled Symbolon is a much more extensive set of videos on the Catholic faith. I have seen many of them, and they are very good.

Go to WATCH. There is a movie on Mother Theresa. I recommend it. Under DOCUMENTARIES, I would recommend Francis–The People’s Pope.

Next, check out LISTEN. Under TALKS, I recommend anything by Dr. Scott Hahn. He is an excellent teacher, and his talks are informative, fun and exciting.

Finally, go to READ. Go to non-fiction. I recommend the novel Father Elijah, by Michael O’Brien.

A number of years ago, the Left Behind series of novels was very popular, and many Catholics were reading them and becoming confused about what the Church really believes about the last times. Our view is very different, as we do not believe in the Rapture. This novel is based on very solid Catholic theology as it deals with the end times. I have read it a few times and really enjoy it. It is more of a book of ideas than the Left Behind series.

Take time to explore FORMED. You will find much that will benefit you.

Fr. Mike Comer