Comer_Michael_7955-180Today, we begin the series of readings from the Gospel of Luke, which we will follow throughout Ordinary Time over the coming year. We begin with the first verses of that book in which Saint Luke tells us that he had studied what others had written, but also had done his own research and had decided to write his own account of the life and teachings of Jesus. Luke was not an Apostle. He never knew Jesus. He was a Gentile convert to Christianity.

Luke addresses his Gospel and his other biblical book, the Acts of the Apostles, to a mysterious character named Theophilus. We are given no information as to who Theophilus is. Whoever he was as an historical person, his name is very interesting. Theo is the Greek word for God, and philia is the Greek word for love. The name Theophilus, then, can be translated as “Beloved of God” or “Lover of God.” Theophilus is you and me, who are the Beloved of God, and the Lovers of God. This Gospel is addressed to you and me.

Fr. Mike Comer