Dear friends,

I hope that all of you are bearing up well during this very strange and difficult time in which we live, and that all of you are doing whatever is necessary to keep yourselves save and healthy. All of you are in my prayers every day. Please keep me in your prayers as well.

None of us know how long this crisis will last, and how long it will be before we can return to having public Masses. One of my great concerns during this time is that people will become isolated and cut off from the Church, at a time when they perhaps need God and the Church more than ever. I am trying to use social media as much as possible to keep in touch with people.

Please check our parish website ( and our parish Facebook page (Mother of God—Covington, KY) and my FaceBook page (FrMichael Comer) regularly to find out if there is any new information. In particular,

I am saying Mass every day at 9:30 am, and it is live-streamed on both the website and the Facebook page. It is archived there so you can watch it later in the day. I expose the Blessed Sacrament at 10:15 am for one hour, so that those who wish to do so can come into church and pray. We do ask that all maintain appropriate social distancing while in church.

If any of you need any kind of assistance or support, please feel free to call me at 859-816-3198. This is especially true if you need to be anointed or to go to confession. I cannot have regularly scheduled confessions, but these can be scheduled privately.
— Fr. Mike