Dear Friends,

It is my prayer that all of you are well, and are surviving the coronavirus and all of the difficulties and inconveniences that accompany it. I am also praying for all of you who are struggling with other illnesses or conditions that may be aggravated during this time. May God bless and keep you in His loving embrace. In addition to health problems, many of you are facing financial problems—perhaps watching your business struggle, or fold, and if not your business, it could be your place of employment. Some of your jobs may not still be there when this is over.

I shared in my Easter homily, that I have recently watched a documentary on PBS, about World War I. It showed photographs of the streets of New York on the day after Germany surrendered. Thousands of people were in the streets, rejoicing with so much relief that the war was over. What struck me about the photos were the number of people that were wearing masks, exactly like those that many of us are wearing if we have to go out for some reason.

In the months leading up to the end of the war, the Spanish Influenza had begun to ravage Europe and had found its way to America. There were approximately 40 million military and civilian deaths as a result of the war. There would be another 60 million deaths worldwide from the Spanish Flu. These numbers are far worse than those we are facing today, here in the USA and throughout the world. And yet the world survived those terrible years from 1914 to 1920.

As a nation and as a world, we will survive this, although we still do not know how long this crisis will last and how great the human and economic toll will be. Although none of us have gone through anything like this in our lifetime, it is not unprecedented. Thank God that we have greater resources to deal with this crisis than did those from the past.

We must keep safe, follow the safety guidelines as much as possible, take good care of one another, and try to remain patient, with yourselves, with one another, and with the whole situation.

— Fr. Mike Comer