Dear Friends,

This past Wednesday, May 20, we officially were able to resume weekday Masses. I had no idea what to expect, but on Wednesday, we had about 80 people at the 12:05 Mass. We were able to maintain the proper distance, and almost everyone was wearing a mask. Before and after Mass we were able to sanitize the pews and other “touch” surfaces. I hope that with these precautions everyone who attends will be able to keep safe.

I still am strongly insisting that those who fall into the high-risk category continue to stay at home. Your safety is very important to us, and I hope that when things get even better, you can come and be safe. For those who will ignore this request and who are in a high risk group, please follow the protocols as faithfully as possible. You might consider coming to Mass during the week, when the church is not as crowded.

Remember, the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday has been indefinitely dispensed for everyone. There is no sin if you choose to stay home.

We are live-streaming Masses every day on the parish website and the parish FaceBook page. If you cannot attend, you certainly can participate by watching the Mass online or on TV.

On Tuesday and Saturday, at 11 am, we have confessions. These will resume this week. The confessional is too close, so I considered setting up chairs in the sanctuary, but given the distance we have to keep from one another, I am afraid that we will have to speak too loudly and confidentiality will be compromised.

So, at 11 am on Tuesday and Saturday, I will be in my office in the Saint Aloysius Center. I will not be able to offer the sacrament anonymously, but only face-to-face. We will try this out and see how it works.
Fr. Mike Comer