As we return to having public Masses, our first concern is your safety. While we can’t make any guarantees about your health, we are following CDC guidelines, as well as the recommendations both the governor and the diocese have set forth to eliminate as much risk as possible. We appreciate your cooperation with the following:

  • Please maintain social distance at all times. The pews are taped off to ensure there is adequate space between individuals. To make the best use of space, families may be seated together in the side pews. Singles and couples may be seated throughout the center pews. Ushers will be on hand to direct you.
  • To help with social distancing, we ask that you either sit or stand during Mass. Please do not kneel, as this decreases the distance between the person kneeling and the individuals in the pew ahead.
  • Please wear a mask at all times when inside the church, except when taking communion. This is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself and others. If you do not feel comfortable wearing a mask, we ask that you wait until this requirement is lifted before returning to church.
  • Communion will be distributed in the hand only. Please extend your hand and allow the Eucharistic Minister to drop the host into your hand to avoid making contact. The cup will not be administered.
  • When walking up to communion, please maintain social distance. The floor will be taped at 6’ intervals to guide you.
  • Please use hand sanitizer before entering church and after using the restroom, touching doorknobs, etc.
  • Because singing greatly increases the amount of aerosol particles a person emits, we ask that you refrain from singing during this time. Music will either be instrumental or sung by one cantor only.
  • Father Comer will approach the altar from the sacristy and exit to the sacristy at the beginning and end of Mass. There will be no offertory procession.
  • Before and after Mass, please avoid congregating inside the church. You are welcome to gather outside (while maintaining social distance, of course).

The re-opening of our church is a work in progress. We will be revisiting these guidelines and adjusting them, as needed, in accordance with the diocesan protocols. Thanks for your patience and understanding. We look forward to the day when we can all gather together again as one parish family.