Soon after I arrived at Mother of God Church three years ago, I received a call from Deacon Tom Dushney, offering his services to our parish. Shortly after that, he was appointed to serve as a deacon at Mother of God, by Bishop Foys.

Because of serious health issues that he has dealt with over the past two years, Deacon Tom has asked to be relieved from his official position as deacon here at Mother of God. Tom will continue to come to Mother of God Church as his parish and will still help out behind the scenes. You have primarily seen Deacon Tom assisting at Sunday Masses, including preaching, and in celebrating baptisms. In addition to this, he has overseen our parish RCIA, been in charge of our VIRTUS Program, and assisted in communicating with outside clergy coming to Mother of God to perform weddings.

Deacon Tom Dushney

I have been very appreciative of the ministry that Deacon Tom has carried out here at Mother of God. He has been very helpful and supportive of me. I am sure that the prayers of all of us are with him as he continues on from this point. 

I do not know if another deacon will be assigned to Mother of God Church or not. If so, I will let you know.

Fr. Mike Comer