Last year I began a two-year study of the US Catechism for Adults, put out by the Bishops of the United States.

The Catechism is divided into four major sections. The first focuses on the doctrinal teachings of the Church, about God the Father, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Church herself, and uses the Creed in order to present these matters. The second section concerns itself with the liturgy of the Church, with primary attention given to the Seven Sacraments.

We have completed these two parts of the Catechism. The sessions are recorded and can be found online at our parish website. They can also be found on YouTube.

This Thursday, August 27, I will begin teaching on the third part of the Catechism, which is the moral teaching of the Church, and which uses the Ten Commandments to lay out that teaching. When I complete that, we will look at the fourth section, which is about prayer, and is a reflection on the Our Father.

Diocesan regulations allow for larger groups to meet in church for Mass, but all other gatherings must be 10 or less. Because of this, the RCIA for Catholics will be done online, without a congregation or audience. The plan is that a new session will be added to the website each week, on Thursday. I will present the session in Church, without anyone present, as I did the last two sessions from last year. When things loosen up, as we put this pandemic behind us, I will open the sessions up for people to attend. Unfortunately, I do not anticipate that happening for several months.

This Thursday, August 27, I will do a general introduction to the moral teaching of the Church and the basic moral principles that will guide our reflections over the next few months.
Fr. Mike Comer