As you know, Father Raymond Hartman passed away on Saturday, November 7. Father was pastor of Mother of God Church for many years and was dearly loved by all.

Sadly, the last few years of his life have been very difficult and he has been in nursing care at Summit Hills Atria.

Throughout his 52 years of priesthood, Father Hartman has served, in addition to pastor of Mother of God, as pastor of Saint Joseph Church in Crescent Springs, as rector of the Basilica Cathedral of the Assumption, as secretary to Bishop Hughes and other parishes and offices.

Because of out of town family and other scheduling concerns, the funeral for Father Hartman will be next Saturday, November 21, at noon, here at Mother of God. There will be visitation at 10 am in church.

The family wants everyone to know, that despite the pandemic, everyone is welcome. Remember that we can only use every other pew and that we must socially distance and the Hartmans are a fairly large family. The funeral will be live-streamed on the parish website so you may want to stay home and pray for Father Ray from there.
— Fr. Mike Comer