The actual date of the Supreme Court decision Roe vs. Wade was this past Friday, January 22, but because of the Inauguration of President Biden, the date for the March for Life was moved to this coming Friday, January 29. Due to the lockdown of the capitol, the entire March this year will be done virtually.

Typically, on the morning of the March for Life, Bishop Foys celebrates Mass at Saint Dominic Church in downtown Washington with all of the students from the Diocese of Covington who are present for the March. At 9 am this Friday, Bishop Foys will celebrate Mass for Life at the Cathedral. The Mass will be live-streamed to all of our schools. You can go to the diocesan website to watch the Mass on any of your devices.

As Catholics we recognize that every human being is created in the image and likeness of God and is a child of God. As such, everyone is beloved of God and is sacred to him. Human life is so sacred that the Church teaches that even those who have committed great crimes still possess a right to life that must be respected and protected, except for cases of self defense. If the lives of criminals are so sacred, then innocent life is even more sacred.

Abortion is the intentional destruction of an innocent, defenseless human being. There are no circumstances under which such an act can be morally justified. We understand that many women face very difficult and terrifying situations that make choosing life for their child very difficult. We are very sympathetic to a woman facing an unplanned and unwanted pregnancy, perhaps without a partner or the support of her family. As a Pro-Life people, we must work to make sure that support and assistance and love are available for any woman facing such difficult struggles. Let us make sure that no woman is forced to believe that abortion is her only option.

In addition to the Mass that Bishop Foys will be saying on Friday, my 12:05 pm Mass that day will be a Mass for Life.

Each of us is encouraged to take time on that day to pray and fast for the lives of the unborn, for women and men facing unplanned and difficult pregnancies, and for a conversion of heart of those who fail to recognize the sacredness of the lives of the unborn.
Fr. Mike Comer