This week I will begin my next series of talks. Unfortunately, we cannot meet in person for these, so they will be presented virtually, on the parish website and on our FaceBook page. I really miss having a congregation present when I am giving my talks. It is certainly not the same when I am speaking to an empty church. Pray for me over the next eight weeks, as I present these talks.

This series is entitled Beginning to Pray. In reality, we are all beginners when it comes to prayer. Even those who have been praying for many years need to know that they are far from being experts in prayer. But many of us are truly beginners in prayer. We were taught to say certain prayers as a child and told to ask God for certain things (“God bless Grandma and Grandad” etc.) But how far have we grown in our prayer since that time?

This week is a general introduction to the series. I will address such questions as, “What is prayer?” and “How do I enter into the presence of God?” Also, I will speak of the importance of imagination and breathing and posture in prayer.

In the following session we will look at different forms of prayers, such as praise, gratitude, repentance, intercession, petition, and several others. The sessions should be on the website and on FaceBook by Thursday of each week. (See the full schedule.)
Fr. Mike Comer