As we have to submit our bulletin material early in the week, I have no idea how things are progressing in the Senate trial of President Trump. It is scheduled to start tomorrow.

My concern is that we remain in a very precarious moment in our national history. Will we discover our “better angels,” as President Lincoln once said, or will the demons of anger, bitterness and discord cripple America and lead to more violence and hostility? None of us know that. But we all hope that America’s best days are not behind her. We want to leave our children and grandchildren an America that is at least as strong and as good as the America we received from those who came before us.

There is much hard work to be done to heal our nation. It will require sacrifices, compromises, and fierce good will. But most of all, it will require prayer. Please include in your daily prayer some prayer for the United States of America. Lift her up and ask God to bless her with wisdom, compassion, mercy, justice and peace.

God bless America!
–Fr. Mike Comer