This week we officially begin the Diocesan Parish Annual Appeal (DPAA) for the year 2021. Moneys collected through this pledge drive do not go to the operation of any of the offices of the diocese, with the exception of the Pro-Life Office. It does help to fund such ministries as Catholic Charities, Parish Kitchen, various food pantries and soup kitchens and shelters, Hispanic ministries (including Christo Rey parish), inner city Catholic schools, Thomas More University, support of our retired priests, education of seminarians, campus ministry at NKU, and Saint Anne Retreat Center. These are all very important ministries and both need and deserve our support.

The parish goal for Mother of God Church is $53,100. Last year, you donated over $100,000 to the DPAA. Every cent over the parish goal comes back to Mother of God Church for our use as a parish community. Thank you for your constant generosity, and for the generosity that I know that you will demonstrate again this year.

This weekend is Announcement Weekend for the DPAA. Next Sunday is Commitment Sunday. Take time over this week to look at the materials sent to you from the diocese, to pray, and to discuss with your family what you will pledge this year.
Fr. Mike Comer