Last week was Announcement Sunday for the Diocesan Parish Annual Appeal (DPAA). We played the video from Bishop Foys about the appeal. You should have received a mailing from the diocese concerning the appeal as well. This week is Commitment Sunday for the DPAA. We will collect those commitment cards which you bring with you and will give those who have not brought their commitment card with them a chance to fill one out and have it collected.

As always, I ask that you be as generous as possible in your donations to the DPAA. The various ministries of mercy that are supported by the appeal are essential for many people’s lives. Here in Covington we have the Emergency Shelter, the Parish Kitchen, Catholic Charities, ACUE schools, and the Rose Garden Home Mission operated by the Franciscan Daughters of Mary. These are important ministries that need and deserve our support.

The parish goal for Mother of God for this year is $53,100. Any money that is donated in the name of Mother of God Church that comes in above that figure comes back to the parish. There is no diocesan tax on that money, so it remains 100 percent in the parish. Last year you donated over $100,000 to the DPAA, with over $50,000 coming directly to the parish.

I thank you for your past generosity to the DPAA, and I thank you for the generosity that you will demonstrate this year.
–Fr. Mike Comer