After a year of being locked away from each other because of the COVID pandemic, getting the vaccine and feeling safe and free to come out and mingle with friends certainly feels a bit like resurrection. It is new life, after a dark and shadowy time, with hope that things are going to continue to improve. I know that I have really enjoyed seeing people coming to church whom I haven’t seen in a long time.

The Resurrection of Jesus promises us that no matter how we have fallen, have failed, no matter that we have lost our way or face some seemingly insurmountable obstacles, he has won the victory for each and every one of us. Jesus’ victory is our victory. We dare to face anything, including our pasts, and every problem, including death, because Jesus has defeated sin and death. As he said in the Book of Revelation, “See, I have made all things new.”

Even though we divide time into Before Christ and Anno Domini (the Year of the Lord), we actually should divide time from before the Resurrection of Christ and after the Resurrection of Christ. At the moment that Jesus rose from the dead, everything changed in a way that nothing would ever be the same.

On this Easter I want to express a welcome from the people of Mother of God to any visitors or guests who are with us, as well as to those who will be watching from home. All of you are in our prayers as we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus from the dead. We pray for those who have died, that they will know the power of the Resurrection of Jesus, as they too are raised from the dead and enter into the Kingdom of our heavenly Father.

One of the things I enjoy most about the Easter and Christmas celebrations is the opportunity to speak to people whom we normally do not see, because they are not regularly attending Mass. Some of these are non-practicing Catholics, and some do not have a particular denomination that they belong to. If you are one of these, I want you to know how happy we are that could join us today. Your presence is a blessing to us.

If you are interested in learning more about the Catholic faith, or if you just would like to talk to someone about your relationship with God and the Church, please feel free to call me at 859-816-3198. I would love to hear from you.

To all, Happy Easter!
–Fr. Mike Comer