We are all experiencing the good news of Easter in a very concrete way, as the restrictions caused by the pandemic are beginning to open up. It is really great to be able to return to almost completely normal in our celebration of the Mass. I really enjoy the congregational singing and the use of processions, as well as having liturgical ministers. This past Sunday the liturgies felt so alive and full of joy! We see new life, new birth, resurrection!

Slowly but surely we will emerge from this time of sickness and fear and death; and it seems that that day is near. In some ways, it is almost a miracle that a vaccine was developed so quickly. In the past, it would be years before such a tool would be found, if ever. That is something to be grateful for. 

The pandemic itself and the protocols that were necessary for us to meet the virus safely have tried everyone’s patience. We are tired of having to wear masks and of not being able to visit our loved ones in the nursing home and of having to restrict our weddings and funerals to a few people. We are heartbroken as we grieve the many loved ones who have died because of COVID over the past year or so.

Sometimes we have perhaps behaved badly during this time, taking our frustrations out on others, refusing to cooperate with those around us, becoming bitter and angry. Failing to process our feelings in a healthy and positive way has made the past year even more difficult than it already was.

As we seem to be moving towards a successful conclusion to this time of pandemic, let us commit ourselves to being patient, loving and compassionate with those around us, including those with whom we disagree or have conflict.
Fr. Mike Comer