The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which we celebrate this Sunday, serves as a pivotal Sunday in the Church calendar. It is the end of the traditional Christmas Season (except for a brief reprise on Feb. 2), and it is the beginning of Ordinary Time. There is no First Sunday of Ordinary Time. The Baptism of the Lord stands in for that. And on Feb. 2, the Church celebrates the Feast of the Presentation, which is sometimes called Little Christmas or Candlemas. There is a tradition (which we will honor here at Mother of God) to keep Christmas decorations up until the Presentation.

Jesus’ baptism is the first time that we see Him after the scene of the finding of Jesus in the Temple. All four Gospels begin His adult life and ministry in exactly this same moment. We see all three Persons of the Holy Trinity in this scene. Jesus, of course, is the Second Person of the Trinity. The Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, descends upon Jesus in the form of a dove. And the Father speaks from Heaven, “This is my beloved Son on whom my favor rests.”

As Jesus’ baptism was the beginning of his adult life and ministry, so our baptisms are the beginning of our life as sons and daughters of God the Father, disciples of Jesus, who is God the Son, and temples of God the Holy Spirit. These three relationships fill us with grace, with power, with light and with truth.
–Fr. Mike Comer