Easter is the greatest day in the Christian calendar. Some of us may think that honor should be bestowed upon Christmas, but if it were not for Easter then Christmas would be a meaningless day. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is His victory over sin and death and is validation for everything He taught in His 3 years of ministry.

Jesus came into this world to do battle with the powers of evil and to reveal the truth about God, who is our Father. This battle, or war, began with the war that broke out in Heaven, as Lucifer and the angels who aligned with him rebelled against God and were driven out of Heaven by Michael and the angels who aligned with God. We see that battle played out in the temptations of our first parents, Adam and Eve, as they were led to reject God and to embrace the plan of the serpent. The battle has been waged between good and evil in every age, and in every soul. 

When Adam and Eve fell, the human race fell, for they represented all of us, who have collectively sought to be our own God, so that we could do our own will, serve our own ego, and choose our own destiny. Through Original Sin, we are born into slavery to Satan, and through personal sin we have embraced that slavery for ourselves. Scripture says that Satan is Prince of this World and we are all in his chains. Jesus came to change all of that.

On Good Friday, the powers of darkness threw everything they had against Jesus, and they apparently won—they were successful in killing the only hope that human beings had. So began the darkest day that the world had ever known. God had been killed. We would remain his slaves forever.

But God had a surprise up His sleeve. He, by the power of the Holy Spirit, would raise Jesus from the dead. He would be victorious. By allowing evil to destroy Him, Jesus absorbed their evil, and transformed it. Satan has lost. And Jesus’ victory is our victory. His win is our win. 

What must we do to be saved? We realize that left to our own devices we cannot be saved. We are powerless over evil, including the evil within us. And then, we embrace the victory of Jesus and commit ourselves to following Him as His disciples. As our first parents chose, in the Garden of Eden, to follow the lies of the serpent, we choose to follow the truth of Jesus Christ. He is our Savior, for we are incapable of saving ourselves.

In the Easter Masses, Catholics throughout the world renew their baptismal promises. We reject Satan and all his works, and all his empty promises. We recommit ourselves to live as faithful sons and daughters of God the Father, as disciples of Jesus Christ, as temples of the Holy Spirit and as members of the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church, accepting the salvation which He has won for us. 

May we each have a great and happy Easter!
–Fr. Mike Comer