June 21, 2022 will go down as a very important date in American history. It is the day on which the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, sending decisions about the legality of abortion from the courts to the state legislatures. This decision does not eliminate abortions but leaves that decision up to the individual states. About 26 states have laws on the books that either limit or ban abortions altogether. This issue will be a big part of the debate in all state legislatures and in all elections, beginning this fall. 

The Catholic Church is obviously pro-life and has worked hard over the past 50 years to promote the protection of the life of the unborn and to seek ways to offer support to women and men facing difficult and unplanned pregnancies. You also know that I am very pro-life, so I do rejoice in this decision. I truly never thought, until very recently, that I would ever see this day.  All of us who are pro-life are filled with gratitude to God that such a day has arrived.

I know very well that many people in our country are very disappointed and very angry about this decision.  That includes some of you. For that reason, I do not intend my words to be gloating in any way. There will be many women who find themselves facing a very difficult pregnancy who will not know where to turn. These women will be filled with a great deal of fear and anxiety, with perhaps shame, and with uncertainty about their future. Many will not have the loving support of the father of their child, some of whom will be furious to find that they are expecting a child as well. Many will also not have a loving family to turn to for support.

Being pro-life must go very far beyond being anti-abortion. It means recognizing what kind of circumstances lead a woman to want to abort her child.  These circumstances are many and are deeply personal to the individual. Therefore, being pro-life means doing what we can to provide support, encouragement, financial assistance, counsel and love to hurting women. We must do all that we can to create a world where every child is welcome in this world and will have a home filled with love and security.

We must be pro-child and pro-mother. We must also be pro-father. Many men will not be emotionally or financially prepared to welcome a child into their lives.  They, too, will need places where they can turn to find guidance, support, and love, so that they can fulfill the responsibilities that being a father demands. 

As we move forward into a new post-Roe world, let us work through our legislatures, our churches, and social institutions to build a pro-life world, a world in which it is easier to love.

On Tuesday, July 12, at 6:30 pm, we will have a meeting for anyone who wants to be part of a Respect Life Committee in our parish. My hope is that this committee will help all of us in the parish to be aware of the full meaning of being pro-life and will promote opportunities for individuals, families, and groups to volunteer or be actively involved. I hope that a number of you will be willing to be part of this group.

Please see the flier from the Pro-Life Office of the Diocese of Covington, which lists a number of resources for woman facing difficult pregnancies.
Fr. Mike Comer

A Mass of Thanksgiving
Bishop Iffert, in his letter addressing the Supreme Court decision regarding the abortion issue, announced a Mass of Thanksgiving at the Cathedral, on Friday, July 22, at noon. We thank God for this remarkable moment in our nation’s history, when new opportunities to protect the lives of unborn children have been opened up to us.