The month of October is set aside by the Church as Respect Life Month, and the first Sunday of October is Respect Life Sunday. In the past few months, we have seen a remarkable change in the pro-life landscape with the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, which had made abortion legal throughout the country. The Supreme Court decision Dobbs vs. Jackson returned the decisions about abortion to the individual states.

Since that time there has been a flurry of activity in states throughout the United States regarding this matter. In some states, there has been a tightening of abortion restrictions and a complete ban in other states. Some states have made access to abortion a major right. This will continue for a very long time.

Kentucky has been a strong pro-life state for quite a while, and that trend will probably continue. There is an amendment to the Kentucky Constitution on the ballot this year. It is Amendment # 2, and it declares that there is no right to abortion to be found in the Kentucky Constitution. It does not legislate for or against abortion itself. It simply makes it clear that a judge is not to find a right to abortion anywhere in our Constitution. You will be hearing more about this amendment as we near Election Day.

Here at Mother of God Church, the Supreme Court decision has inspired a new pro-life group. We have adopted a program known as Walking with Moms and Dads in Need. The group is just forming and trying to learn about the pregnancy services that are available, and how we at Mother of God can be supportive and helpful to them. We will be providing information to all of you as well.
–Fr. Mike Comer

Annual Baby Bottle Campaign Begins

October is Right to Life month, and we will have our Annual Baby Bottle Campaign. This is a fun and easy way to promote life and support your local pregnancy help center. Bottles are available at the exits of church. You can fill the bottles with coins, bills or checks made payable to Care Net. Please return the bottles by the end of the month. Your participation in this campaign makes a vital difference in saving the lives of unborn children and ministering to the women and men who come to Care Net for help.