From time to time, I hear people say that someone cannot receive Communion because they are divorced. THIS IS NOT TRUE. Being divorced does not bar anyone from receiving the Eucharist. Those who are married in the Catholic Church, who are divorced, and then marry again without an annulment, allowing them to marry in the Church, are not to receive Communion until they have regularized their relationship with the Church.

If someone is married in the Church and then divorces, in the eyes of the Church they are still married. Should they then marry again, without an annulment, they are considered to be in an adulterous relationship. That is why they should not receive Communion. Similarly, if two non-Catholics marry, and neither has been married before, they are presumed by the Church to be validly married. If they divorce, and one of them marries a Catholic, they are required to get an annulment before they marriage can be deemed valid. 

My main point here is that divorce in and of itself does not mean that someone cannot go to Communion. If you are divorced and not remarried and have questions about whether you can receive Communion, call me. If you are divorced and need to seek an annulment, call me.

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