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This year’s DPAA process was shut down because of the coronavirus pandemic. The diocese has been handling it through the mail, rather than through the parishes. We have received the first report of the DPAA results for the parish.

The parish goal for this year’s DPAA is $48,400. So far, $59,022.42 has been pledged, and of that $52,107.50 has been received. The money pledged is $10,622.42 over the parish goal. Everything that comes in over the parish goal comes back directly to the parish. As we have reached that goal, your future donations will come to the support of the parish and will not be taxed for the support of the diocese.

Only 81 households have pledged so far to the DPAA. I ask that all of you who have not pledged, consider doing so. This is a great way to give your support to the parish, especially in a time of crisis and struggle.

Thank you to all who have donated, and to those who will donate.