Every year, the Diocese of Covington holds a special Anniversary Vespers for couples celebrating wedding anniversaries of 1 year, 25 years, 50 years and above. This year, due to COVID-19, the liturgy had to be cancelled. But couples could still apply for a certificate from the diocese to commemorate their milestone. (Click on Ralph and Gloria Kunkemoeller’s story from The Messenger below.) Congratulations and continued blessings to the following couples from Mother of God parish who were honored:

71 Years

Paul and Margie Klee

70 Years

Ralph and Gloria Kunkemoeller

60 Years

Jerome and Susan Berling

John and Elizabeth Herold

50 Years

Gregory and Suzanne Bennings

Ronald and Carol Collins

David and Joan Crotty

Rick and Peggy Hampton

Gary and Kathy Menne

Charles and Joyce Tappan

Joseph and Virginia Watkins

Mike and Mary Jo Whelan

25 Years

Gregory and Jackie Durrett

John and Maria Martini

Robert and Kathryn Stevie

Frank and Pamela Sutthoff

1 Year

Ryan and Madelyn Basford

Matthew and Rebecca Braunwart

Jacob and Katie Brinker

Michael and Meredith Cook

Douglas and Courtney DePaoli

Todd and Andrea Feebeck

Ben and Meghan Smith