Our RCIA for Catholics sessions are being posted online, on our parish website, our Facebook page, and on YouTube. Unfortunately, at this time we are not able to offer them in person. We are posting a new session each week on Thursday.

We are going through that part of the Catechism which focuses on the moral teaching of the Catholic Church. We have previously spent two weeks studying moral principles which underlie the Church’s moral teaching. Last week we reflected on the first three of the Ten Commandments which address our relationship with God. These are all on the various social media listed above.

This week we will focus on the Fourth Commandment, “Honor your father and your mother.” This commandment concerns itself with the family and how we are to relate to one another. We have often thought of the family in terms of the “traditional family,” of a mother and a father and children. There have always been families that did not look exactly like that. In our own time, we see many variations of the family. Whatever our families look like, the Commandment teaches us to honor one another. What does that look like?