We are asking people who attend Mass at Mother of God to practice the regular safety precautions that are recommended by the federal and state governments, and by the Diocese of Covington. The church has been marked off so that we are only using every other pew, and so that we will be six feet apart from those around us. Couples and families that live together are permitted to sit together.

Please do not kneel during Mass. Standing and sitting are okay, but kneeling puts one person too close to the person in front of them.

To be effective, your mask should cover your nose and mouth and fit snugly against your face.

Wear a mask. The mask is not there to protect you, but to protect others from you. If it was only your health that was at risk and you did not want to wear it, then we would not insist on it. But if you are not wearing a mask, you are putting those around you at risk, and that is not acceptable.

Thank you for following these protocols. We are doing all that we can to keep everyone safe and healthy during this time, and we appreciate your cooperation and support in this endeavor.