Sunday Oct. 30 9:30 am   For the people of the parish
    11:30 am   Mary Lou Nunner
Monday Oct. 31 12:05 pm   Daniel Crowe
Tuesday Nov. 1 12:05 pm   Robert and Albertha Grimm
    6:30 pm   Raymond and Julia Grogan Solemnity of All Saints
Wednesday Nov. 2 12:05 pm   Edward and Noreen Comer Feast of All Souls
Thursday Nov. 3 12:05 pm   Richard “Dick” Schmeing
Friday Nov. 4 12:05 pm   Charlene Vondermeulen
Saturday Nov. 5 12:05 pm   The Santel Family

Please consider having a Mass offered for your loved ones, either living or deceased. The offering for a Mass intention is $10. To schedule a Mass, please call the parish office at 859-291-2288.