The word “May” is an abbreviation of the name Mary. Therefore the Church has dedicated the month of May to honoring our Blessed Mother.

It was during the early months of the Spanish Influenza, in 1917, that Mary began appearing to the three children of Fatima. Her message was primarily focused on World War I and on the Communist revolution in Russia, but her maternal concern included all of the sufferings and struggles of her children. That would certainly include those who faced the pandemic of that time, and includes us, in our own time, who face the coronavirus pandemic.

Mary assured us, through the children, that in the end, her Immaculate Heart would be victorious. That was true then, and it is true today. Mary’s Immaculate Heart reveals to us the complete and absolute love that she bore for her son Jesus. We turn to her, asking that she teach us how to love him as much as she does. To say that her Immaculate Heart would be victorious means that her love for Christ, and our love for Christ, is the answer to all of the worlds ills.