We wish to welcome these RCIA candidates who recently came into the church!

Andrew Benjamin Miller    
Frank Paul Carpenter
Kent Douglas Miles
Donna Townsend

Welcome to our new parishioners!

MAY 2020
William and Lisa Ackley
Patrick Allen
Nicholas and Celina Arias
Christian Greenwell
Thomas and Melissa Harmon
Bren and Jayme Murphy

JUNE 2020
Debra Baker
Daniel Breseford
John and Tracey DeFalco
Paul and Kate Smith

Newly married

John and Nicole (Stambaugh) Akey Timothy and Emily (Staresinic)  Hightower

Joseph and Kathleen (Albers) Brossart

Tyler and Aubrey (Franzen) Roth Derek and Hayley (Hilberg) Phelps Stefan and Sherazad (Castellino) Hagfors

Timothy and Debra (Thomas) Geers Andrew and Mariel (Ejankowski) Miller

Recently baptized

Wyatt William Wentworth
Parents: Richard and Crystal (Collins) Wentworth
Maris Ella Martin
Parents: Alex and Kaitlin (Vollet) Martin