Our Sunday collections, including online giving and what is mailed in, have been surprisingly strong. But I do want to remind you that we do continue to need your support. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Most of our expenses, including utilities and salaries, remain the same, despite the reduced activities of the parish. We are trying to provide the same services to you, even though we are facing unique and difficult circumstances.

Diocesan Annual Appeal

We are in the midst of the Diocesan Parish Annual Appeal. It is being conducted completely by mail because of the restrictions caused by COVID-19. Please be generous in supporting the many important ministries that receive funding from the DPAA. Most of these serve the needy among us. Funding goes to the support of the pro-life ministries of the diocese, as well as Parish Kitchen and a number of food pantries. Urban Catholic schools, ministry to Hispanics in Covington, Maysville and Carrollton, education of our seminarians, and the support of our retired priests are also part of the DPAA.

Convert Instruction Classes

Are you interested in becoming Catholic? We will begin the convert instruction classes in late August for those who wish to explore becoming members of the Church. Attending the classes is not a commitment to actually join the Church. Conversion to the Church is a process of discerning what God is calling you to do. The sessions will help you to learn more about the faith, so that you can make that decision. If you are interested, or want to learn more, please call me at 859-816-3198.