Every Human Life Has Value

Oct. 1, 2023

October is Respect Life Month, and this Sunday is Respect Life Sunday. Our focus during this month is primarily our concern for the rights and dignity of the unborn. But there are other pro-life issues that we must address as well. The Catholic Church teaches unequivocally that every human life is created in God’s own image and likeness, and every human being is infinitely loved by God as His own son or daughter. Therefore, anything which denies or attacks the dignity and value of any human life is contrary to God’s will and plan.

The Pro-Life group which we began last year here at Mother of God Church, is called Walking with Moms and Dads in Need. Although we will keep you informed about the political initiatives that are going on, it was our decision to focus instead on supporting women and men who are facing difficult and unplanned pregnancies. We want to make abortion absolutely unnecessary, as each individual or couple will receive the support and assistance that they need in order to choose life for their child.
Next Sunday, we will have a representative from CareNet Pregnancy Services here to talk to us about the work that they are doing and how we can be supportive of them.
--Fr. Mike Comer

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