Anointing of the Sick Set for Feb. 11

Feb. 4, 2024

Next Sunday, Feb. 11, is the World Day of the Sick. One of the most important parts of Jesus’ ministry was that of healing. In an era where there was little knowledge of healing, people who were seriously ill had few options. If there were tales of a rabbi or other figure who had the power to heal, that was important news, and it would spread like wildfire. His reputation as a healer was the first thing that drew people to Jesus.

Jesus continues His healing ministry through the Church today. His healing activities include the Sacraments of the Anointing of the Sick and Reconciliation. There have been figures throughout the history of the Church who were known for healing (like St. Blaise), and places where special healings have taken place. And all of us can pray for the sick and suffering and know that God hears and answers our prayers.

I will be celebrating the Anointing of the Sick at the Masses on Sunday, Feb. 11. The healing ministry of Jesus and the Church will be the topic of my sermon. At the end of Mass, during our closing song, I will invite those who wish to be anointed to come forward to receive the Sacrament.

Who should come forward to be anointed? Those who are seriously ill, and especially those who are dying, or who are dealing with a potentially fatal illness or condition, those who will be entering into the hospital soon, those suffering from chronic illness or chronic illness that significantly impact mobility and quality of life, should be Anointed. Over the past several decades, we have learned that many mental and emotional struggles have a physical basis. If you struggle with bi-polar disorder, psychosis or schizophrenia, depression, serious anxiety, alcoholism or drug addiction, or any other addiction, please come forward to receive the sacrament.
I encourage you to prepare for the Anointing of the Sick by spending time in prayer, asking Christ for His healing power.
—Fr. Mike Comer

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