God Is Calling....Will You Answer?

Nov. 5, 2023

Today is Vocation Awareness Sunday. I think we are all aware of the dramatic need for an increase in Church vocations today. Cincinnati, which is experiencing a more severe shortage than we are (right now) is going through a very painful process of grouping their parishes under one leadership team and preparing to close some parishes in the near future. Having spoken with priests and laity from the archdiocese, I can tell you that this is a very painful process and one that I hope that we can avoid.
The answer to the problem is an increase in vocations, especially to the priesthood. It is important that we begin, as a faith community, to be aware that each of us has a responsibility to pray for and to encourage vocations. Do you pray that your sons and grandsons and nephews might be called by God to be a priest, and pray that if he is calling them that they will hear that call and respond to it with generosity and joy? Do you encourage the young men in your life to consider the priesthood as a vocation?  Many priests and seminarians say that it was a simple mention by a family member or a friend that inspired them to begin to explore if God was calling them.

Do you know someone who you think would make a good priest? Pray specifically for him. Also, do you know a young woman who would be a good religious sister? Suggest that to her and pray for her. Do you know a man, someone older perhaps, who would make a great deacon?  Ask him if he has considered that and lift him up in prayer.
Vocations do not happen in a vacuum. They happen in a community and an environment of faith, hope and love.

--Fr. Mike Comer

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