Time to Ready Our Hearts

Nov. 26, 2023

Next Sunday, on the First Sunday of Advent, the Church begins its new Liturgical Year. Let’s review that as we prepare to begin.
The liturgical calendar serves a very different purpose than the traditional calendar. Each year the liturgical calendar tells the story of Jesus Christ, while the traditional calendar just keeps track of time.
There are four special seasons within the liturgical year. There are the Advent and Christmas seasons, and there are the Lent and Easter seasons. The rest of the year is known as Ordinary Time.

Advent prepares us for the celebration of coming of Christ at Christmas, but it is also a time of preparation for the Second Coming of Jesus at the end of time. Will we be prepared when He comes in power and glory?
The entire liturgical calendar is a reflection on the mystery of Jesus Christ. Advent places us in the Old Testament period, as the Jewish people looked forward to, and prepared themselves for, the coming of the Messiah. Their hopes and dreams are ours, but we believe that the Messiah did come and that He has won His final victory.
Let us use this Advent season as a time to truly prepare our hearts to meet Christ.
--Fr. Mike Comer

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