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Nov. 12, 2023

The 32nd Sunday of the Church’s liturgical year is celebrated in the United States as Stewardship Sunday. Stewardship is a way to look at our own ownership and participation in the life of the Church. We are asked to examine our lives in terms of time, talent, and treasure.

How do we use our time in participation in the life of the Church? Do we attend Sunday Mass regularly? If we are able, do we attend during the week? Do we volunteer in the various activities of our parish, such as the liturgical ministries (lectors, extraordinary ministers of the Eucharist, ushers, greeters, servers, choir, etc.)? There are also the Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Council. How about St. Vincent de Paul, or our Bereavement Ministry (helping families to plan the funeral and assisting at the funeral liturgy, or the reception downstairs after Mass)? We need volunteers for coffee and donuts after Masses, our parish picnic, Oktoberfest, Christmas party, St. Patrick celebration, etc. Are you doing your part?

St. Paul teaches us that God gives each of us gifts for the building up of the Church. What talents has God given you to help Mother of God grow and function more effectively? What professional background or personal experiences have given you the insight and understanding about matters that we must deal with?
Finally, stewardship is also about treasure. Are you being generous in your support of Mother of God Church or the special collections taken up during the year, or the emergency matters that need our support, due to such things as hurricanes, tornados, flooding, or other natural disasters? We have a lot more people coming to Mother of God these days, but our collections have not gone up at the same rate. Can you help us out more than you already are?
The spirituality of stewardship begins with an awareness that everything we have is a gift from God and that we are to use it to not only take care of ourselves and our families, but also to care for our Church and for the needy around us.

--Fr. Mike Comer

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