He Is Risen. No, Not Jesus. Me.

April 7, 2024

As most of you know I went into the hospital on Holy Thursday, during the parish dinner. I was experiencing some confusion. We learned that I did have a mild stroke, which was the cause of my symptoms. It did not cause any paralysis or slurring of speech. Only confusion and difficulties with words. I tend to be a one-trick pony, so if I can’t talk, I am pretty much useless.
I feel fine. There are a number of health issues that contributed to this that I need to attend to. I am back to saying Mass and that is about all I plan to do over the next week. Keep me in your prayers and know that I will keep you in mine.
Thank you to my staff for taking care of everything over the past few days. Taking the Triduum as a time to get sick is not the most convenient decision I could make. They did a fantastic job. I wouldn’t have expected anything less. They are always remarkable, as are the rest of the parish, and parish volunteers.
Fr. Mike Comer

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